Teaching as an adjunct can be a lot of fun. It is also challenging. As I have encountered a number of situations, I realize such a blog can be helpful, both to me and to others.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Happy Camper

It is interesting how things work. Sometimes what we initially think is a negative can turn out to be positive (and, of course, Vice-Versa). Over the summer I had applied for a full-time teaching position at the college where I work as an adjunct. I have posted on this before, how I have always done what was asked of me and was disappointed that they did not even bring me in for an interview for the position. I would have been fine with them hiring someone else, but I really felt they should have tossed me a bone and interviewed me.

After this happened, I decided I needed to stop being so accommodating. I am not suggesting that I should cut back on doing my responsibilities, but I needed to also concentrate on me, instead of doing the things I hoped might bring me a full-time position.

As a result, when I put my syllabus together this semester, I took off all the Jewish Holidays. It is certainly legitimate and protected by state law. Still, it is difficult when you have seven days needed to take off within a month span (assuming none of the holidays fall on a weekend). This year, since Yom Kippur fell on a Friday, I only needed six days off. Still that meant that I needed last Thursday and Friday off (9/13-9/14), as well as this coming Thursday and Friday (9/27-9/28) and the following Thursday and Friday (10/4-10/5). In the past, I might have worked a couple of those days because I felt self conscious taking off so much time at the beginning of the semester in such a short period. This year is different. I took it off with no hesitation as I decided this was important to me and what I had done for years before.

As it turned out, many of you know from a previous post that after not getting the teaching position, I interviewed for another position on campus. I do not know if I will get it (I hope so), but one way or another, at least they did what I feel they needed to, they gave me the opportunity to interview for it. From here, they will decide who their favorite choice is (and I’m sure rank the first few candidates in order in case the first person offered the position turns it down).

In other words, I am taking off all the days I want (need, or feel entitled to) and I have the opportunity to obtain a full-time position at the college. I am a happy camper.