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Friday, September 5, 2008

One Last Look At Sarah Palin

One of the things I teach my students is, when you give a speech, not only is how you say something important, so is what you say. Certainly it is important to do research and important to be accurate. So, how accurate was what Sarah Palin said in her acceptance speech?

Yesterday, on Yahoo’s homepage, I came across a story that examined some claims made by Sarah Palin in her speech compared to the truth about the situations. The article suggesting something to the effect of Fact vs. Fiction for Palin’s speech, did not stay up too long. I have tried to find it since but it appears to be gone. I would have liked to have included a link.

There are two specific items I recall. First had to do with the so called Bridge to Nowhere. It is true that Palin argued against it. This, however, did not occur in the early stages. She actually supported the bridge and wanted to claim the funds. It wasn’t until others started criticizing building a bridge to an area with only 50 house and until she started taking some heat on the issue that she changed her position.

I have nothing against changing position but when you are accusing others of doing that for political gain, be careful of engaging in the same tactics. After all, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

A second claim that was pointed out had to do with Obama not sponsoring a piece of legislation. It was pointed out that while certain measures may not have his name on them, he certainly worked with others in the drafting and wording of the legislation.

One thing which is true is she did put the jet up for auction on e-bay. It did not sell there and she did sell it elsewhere.