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Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain's Speech

Listening to John McCain speak yesterday, a few random thoughts occurred.

1. The man is not a terrible speaker. He certainly does not have the oratory gifts of Barack Obama and he may not have been as effective as Sarah Palin but he certainly kept his audience entertained. Of course, it is easy to keep a convention crowd entertained but he handled it well.

2. I would have like a little more substance. I really did not feel he gave us an idea of what he wanted to accomplish as President. Perhaps others disagree but for me, I thought there could have been more substance.

3. I find it interesting how McCain has positioned himself as a servant of the people and how it is they who want him to run. If memory serves correctly, this is not McCain’s first run at the presidency (although it is the first time he has received his party’s nomination). To suggest that McCain has not changed positions or try to appeal to various wings of the Republican party is absurd. Still, that is exactly what McCain tried to suggest in his speech and what others had to say about him at the convention.

4. It is going to be an interesting two months.

Coming up later today, one last look at Sarah Palin.