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Friday, April 25, 2008

Speeches About Culture

I made a minor change this semester to the way I handle multiple classes and I really like the outcome. It does not effect the students at all, just the teacher. Rather than having all classes deliver demonstration speeches around the same time and then move into persuasive speeches, I have two classes do that and one do persuasive speeches first. This way, I am getting a variety of speech types. As a result, right now, in one of my classes, we aer in the middle of demonstation speeches.

Over the years, one of the most popular topics for demonstration speeches has to do with hair care. I have had some students deliver speeches about straightening hair. Others have delivered speeches having to do with braiding hair. Those from different cultures talk about the approaches used in their society. This semester, for the first time, I had a student demonstrate how to make Human Hair Wigs.

It is amazing how the internet has changed speeches. Information about hair care and Wigs is more readily available. Finding demonstrations about such things can often be found on YouTube. I tell my students that they can use such sites to show us the demonstration as long as they turn down the volume and they are the ones doing the talking.

I have learned a lot about Human Hair Extensions, Real Hair Wigs and other similar products. Like just about any type of speech, a lot depends on the presenter. Some of the speeches have been stronger than others. What I like is when students are able to work their culture, or their heritage into the speech. Usually that is important to them and as a result, they enjoy delivering such speeches. Enjoying delivering the speech usually leads to a better speech and a better grade.