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Monday, December 24, 2007

Researching A Speech Via The Internet

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When it comes to group presentations and persuasive speeches, a few topics seem to be most popular. One that students truly enjoy is that of healthy eating. The facts are amazing. In one speech, I heard a student say that in a couple of years unhealthy eating (eating at fast food restaurants) will become the number one cause of preventable deaths, overtaking smoking.

I always tell my students when they choose a topic like this, they must be sure to show they have done research. It is amazing how much information is available. There are sites that provide information about ways people can lose weight. los angeles weight loss .

While JourneyLite offers surgery as a way to help people reduce weight, they also include information about education as they believe the two go hand in hand. The information is out there and available to students. Certainly getting information from various websites, including this one, shows research on behalf of the student.