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Friday, November 23, 2007

The TASER Speech

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Listening to student speeches for me is always an enjoyable and educational experience. Sometimes students base a speech, however, entirely on personal experiences. I always let them know they should do research on the topic and include more than just their own thoughts and experiences.

One student recently did a speech on TASERS, especially following the recent controversy. His argument was despite some problems that can occur, they are still a lot safer than guns and other weapons and police should carry them. It was a good speech but I think a little more research would have helped.

For instance, it is very easy for people to obtain various gear through the internet. Such sites as 5.11 tactical have a lot of gear that people might want. A lot of this gear is very appropriate and there is no reason not to get things from this site.

Still, it does show just how readily accessible different items are, items that in the past might have been a lot tougher to obtain. Certainly information like that, information about how easy it is to get various police equipment can and should be included in a speech about TASERS.